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Tri Lastiko


Hi all. My name is Tri Lastiko. I like to call myself a creative industrialist — someone that obsessed with the best combination of business, technological, and artistic aspects. I used to be an IT guy, and now I’m focusing my time running SAB, a creative digital marketing agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I spent 11 years in Germany and have gathered experience collaborating with international companies and organizations, giving me a cultured worldview that I apply to my works and my business dealings. SAB’s specialization is whitelabel service, especially for websites, e-commerce development, and IT needs. More than 90% of our clients are from Europe, and now I’m on the move getting local clients from Indonesia and other regions too.


  • March 2017 - Present
    SAB Digital Agency
    PT Sinergi Antar Benua
  • March 2016 - February 2017
  • November 2010 - January 2015
    Certification Body Support
    GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH
  • February 2009 - January 2010
    Public Relations
    Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Jerman



Marketing strategy is an essential element to increase sales, get you to hit your overall business goals, and understand your place in the market against competitors that have long-term benefits to your business. I use specific marketing tactics for your business to achieve an effective approach to desired audience and consumers.

Digital marketing

To create a larger range of consumers, marketing digitalization is needed for them to get to know about your products or services. I can help your business in web development, custom software and domains, and SEO contents.


Compelling photographs carry more weight to consumers than just descriptions and ratings. I implement my passion in photography to your project for an artistic touch for your marketing campaign or branding, that creates a professional and vivid visuals to your product or service.

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Life is all about the pursuit of timeless memories.

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Synergy. Connecting and Collaborating

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