Writing / Consistency in Writing and Blog Posting

If you want to take advantage of the benefits with consistent blog posting, you have to learn how to do it. Too many people fail or forget when trying to keep up with posting. By working on this, you can post on a regular basis and you can keep your blog active.

Start by knowing what you want to write. If it is something that interests you, you are more likely to keep up with it. If it is something with which you have a passing interest, or something that you barely like at all, you are more likely to drop it. For a blog about your life, you want to focus on what makes you want to write. If it is dealing with problems in everyday life, then talk about your concerns. If it is improving yourself, then talk about your goals and achievements. Make your writing something that appeals to you and that makes you want to stick with it.

Have something to write about every day or week. No matter what you choose to write about, make sure that there is something. Have a schedule up. Even if it is something you deem small, write about it. By making yourself write to a schedule, and making sure that you stick with it, you can begin expanding upon it and you can make it a habit. Even if it feels like a chore now, it will become part of your life soon.

Do not be afraid to post your blogs. Self-improvement only comes when you take risks and put in the effort. You have to keep yourself dedicated to what you are doing to begin turning writing into a habit. If you feel overwhelmed doing it, just take a deep breath and put in the time.

Do not let anything stop you. Writing is a wonderful thing that can help you to learn more about yourself, improve, and build. It gives you the strength to overcome and to do more for yourself. You can find self-improvement with every blog, and you can do more with all of them, as long as it is something that you do and something that you put in the effort to do.


My name is Tiko. I'm an IT guy, photographer and also a creative industrialist based in Cologne, Germany.