The Pursuit of Timeless Memories

The pursuit of timeless memories. The voyage beyond imagination. A discovery of a moment that bend all of the senses. Life and time both flow on a single direction. Time is absolute. But when the fortune change, the mirrors of our younger self start to fade. There’s always memories that remain forever.

“Come, let’s take a picture together”, it maybe a simple phrase today for younger generation before taking a selfie. But ask the elder, how they treasure the memories they have in their younger days. They can talk emotionally and passionately about a simple photo they took together with their friends. We should realise that when we’re old someday, every time we feel lonely and in need for companionship, it’s this simple memory that keeps us alive.

A picture's worth a thousand words. Take a good look at your old photos. You can clearly see that behind a simple picture there’s a lot of story behind it. The beautiful memory that always reside in the corner of your mind. Maybe a picture of your first crush, a silly picture of you trying to dance awkwardly, or a happy moment you spend with your grandparents before they eventually took their last breath. It maybe means nothing to anybody else, but for you it’s your chronicle It is one of the things that shaped you now.

A camera is not just a tool for fun, a means to spend your leisure time. But for me it’s also something as a way to share happiness amongst myself and my surrounding. To spread the joy to others, and to capture the moment that happen in a micro-fraction time of our life. Before time finally be the champion over our limited memory capacity.

Time is magic, it’s a single dimension that rule our life, a single entity that God almighty himself test us with. An element which heaven itself can do nothing about it. For it can do only provide with a single word ‘Eternity’. 

And it’s my passion, to capture the moment, so it won’t fade in time. It is my passion, to pursuit the timeless memories.

©trilastiko | 2018 |  Cologne

©trilastiko | 2018 | Cologne


The Blog

The world’s set in a constant motion. So does our life. This is the section of my daily life. About every interesting thing that may happen in my day, to be able to share my happiness, sorrow, and grieves. This is also a place for me to share some news that I’d think worth to share. And maybe, occasionally, this is also my dedicated space to all my rants, just be prepared. It’s just some ordinary people’s opinion, in an extraordinary and exciting world.


The Portraits

It’s started as curiousity, and then slowly grew into a habbit, eventually become a passion.  To be able to capture an expression of other’s face and to share it with somebody else. A person’s face has a lot of meaning, and many different expositions. Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa is the prime example of this case. For hundreds of years, people still wonder what’s behind that Lisa Gioconda’s vague smile. And this section is dedicated to showcase all the work I’ve done in my attempt to capture people’s mind expressed in their facial gesture.

“The face is the picture of the mind with its eyes as interpreter”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Landscapes

There’s a majestic design that nature has provide us with. For 13 millions years, the universe and the earth we are living, has shaped into something marvelous. Nature has created us a masterpiece that makes every painter, sculptor and art designer feel jealous. And it’s a great opportunity to be able to take a beautiful side of the nature. To preserve the natural wonders earth has given us on a digital media. An act of love from the heart to our beautiful world we are living. And this section is a collection of all the picture I’ve taken on my little adventure outside my office box.


The Travels

I love travelling, I love to meet new culture and community. And the most important, I love beauty. To be able to meet new people. and as I stated many times before, I love to capture the beauty of all the places I’ve been to. This section contains all the pictures I’ve gathered from all the travelling I’ve done. From capturing the excitement of the journey to reach the specific destination, the photos of all the fun thing we’ve done, and all beautiful images I’ve found on my travels. It’s a memory for life and to share all the beautiful places I’ve been going to.


Street & Urban

Some people live their life in a fast paced, and they're missing some great moments happening in their surroundings. From a nook of the streets, a corner of a building, sometimes a great thing happens. Occasionally, I walk the streets to hunt these moments. To freeze all the unseen moments of all people might miss when they’re racing against time. Those moments are beautiful, so it’s my pleasure to share it with anybody else in this gallery, so that people realise that magic is happening without they realise it in their everyday’s life. 


The Commissions

It’s a great feeling to know that somebody else are enjoying your work, and when somebody loves the result of your captured images. What makes me happy is to know that someone else is also appreciating the effort you’ve put into. I feel happy when someone decided to hire me to capture a glimpse of moment of their life. And it’s an honour to me to be able to help them and I’d always try to do my best to satisfy my client and repay all their trust.

I’m open to any collaboration, and if anybody decided to hire me as a photographer, I’ll do my utmost to deliver the client’s message through my lenses and present it in an image. This section is part of my collection of all the collaboration I’ve done with my client before.


Selected Clients:


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It’s an exciting time to get to know new people on Instagram. The popular photo-sharing app is fun, simple and growing. A place for me to have a direct interaction with all my friends, my co-workers, and my future clients. A daily update about my personal life, my professional relations, and maybe some moments and memories I’ve captured through my lenses in a day. You can follow my daily routine as an IT professional, a photographer, and as person. I live my life enthusiastically, and I’d like to share that with all people around me.

There’s no simple words to express my love in human interaction. To meet a new friend is a thing I treasured. 

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photo by @AKUsepp

photo by @AKUsepp

About trilastiko:

My name is Tiko, and I am an IT professional, freelance photographer, and creative industrialist based out of Cologne, Germany.

Born on May 6, 1988, I grew up in Jakarta and have been living in Germany since 2007. I've studied at TH Köln with the major Business Computing. After that I sought out unique experiences in the world, preferring to learn about myself and about my abilities to settling down on the first easy thing that came along.

Now working at an eCommerce company, I am known for the energy and vigor with which I approach every project. I am highly knowledgeable when it comes to technology, and I never fail to meet a deadline. I have accrued experience collaborating with international companies and organizations, giving me a cultured worldview that I apply to my photography and to my business dealings.

My photography is known for quality, and as I do with technology, I approach my art with the utmost earnestness, consistently exceeding my clients’ expectations.

If you're interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to contact me: 


T. Lastiko
Luxemburger Str. 124, apt.11-25
50939 Cologne


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